• Increased the high school graduation rate to 86 percent, the highest in North Carolina’s history; 
  • Increased reading achievement of third grade students; 
  • Increased the number of students taking advanced placement and community college courses—over 35 percent of the High School Class of 2015 graduated with college credit.

June's Strong Record of Success

  • Current State Superintendent of Public Instruction, first woman ever elected to this position 
  • Public school business teacher in Roanoke, VA and Charlotte, NC 
  • State leadership positions in instructional services & career-technical education 
  • 20+ national and state awards such as Champion for Children, Friends of the Arts, State Policy Maker of the Year, Inclusive Leadership Award, National Vocational/ Business Awards of Merit 
  • Outstanding Alumni Award—North Carolina State University 
  • Educator Hall of Fame, East Carolina University 
  • Razor Edge Award, University of North Carolina-Wilmington
  • Honorary Doctorate, Campbell University
  • Author of five books, including Help with Business & Computer Careers and A Tee Shirt Named Zee